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Specific, homogeneous and ready to use.
DNA functionalized gold nanoparticles

DNA functionalized gold nanoparticles are used in a wide field of application due to the optical and material properties of nanosized gold. These kind of probes were used in Raman- or fluorescence applications to plasmonically enhance a signal of a single fluorophore or be used in biology for cellular imaging.

GATTA-Gold particles are available in a range between 10 nm and 60 nm and show a homogenous size distribution (for 10 nm/20 nm ≤ 10 % and for 40 nm/60 nm ≤ 5 %) than usual particles. We offer GATTA-Gold with a 20 T oligonucleotide sequence were the 3’ points in the direction of the nanoparticle.

On request we can also design special solutions for your specific requirements. All samples will be delivered as solution samples disolved in water.

product properties of GATTA-Gold

Gold 10 Gold 20 Gold 40 Gold 60
Diameter (TEM) 10 nm (STD ≤ 10%) 20 nm (STD ≤ 10%) 40 nm (STD ≤ 5%) 60 nm (STD ≤ 5%)
Functionalization polyT-DNA (T20) polyT-DNA (T20) polyT-DNA (T20) polyT-DNA (T20)
LSPR maximum 518 - 522 nm 520 - 524 nm 524 - 528 nm 528 - 530 nm
Amount 2 mL, OD 1 2 mL, OD 1 2 mL, OD 1 2 mL, OD 1
Price 350,-€ 350,-€ 350,-€ 350,-€

Custom GATTA-Gold conjugation

You need a specific DNA sequence on the GATTA-Gold particles for your appllication? No problem. We offer you to functionalize particles with your DNA sequence of choice. Just fill out the contact form below and tell us what you are looking for.

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