Gold Nanohelices (L/R)

Gold Nanohelices (L/R) Gold Nanohelices (L/R)

Gold Nanohelices - Chirality Tomography Markers
The Gold Nanohelices (L,R) are chiral nanoscale markers especially suited for 3D Tomography / Electron Microscopy (EM) / CryoEM. Our chiral markers show pure chirality (L or R), which can easily be detected with EM due to the high contrast and the precise arrangement of the gold nanoparticles.

The Gold Nanohelices (L,R) are fabricated with the DNA origami technique where gold nanoparticles (10nm) are arranged into nanoscale helices (helical pitch 57 nm; length 110 nm; diameter 34 nm).

In Solution: 
The Nanohelices are delivered in buffer (keep at 4°C): 1x TAE, 11mM MgCl2. The sample size is ~30µl which is enough for the preparation of more than 10 TEM grids.

Also available as mounted version: The samples are shipped ready to use on a TEM grid.


Anton Kuzyk, Robert Schreiber, Zhiyuan Fan, Günther Pardatscher, Eva-Maria Roller, Alexander Högele, Friedrich C Simmel, Alexander O Govorov, and Tim Liedl (2012): DNA-based self-assembly of chiral plasmonic nanostructures with tailored optical response. - Nature, 483, 311 - 314.

Ariane Briegel, Martin Pilhofer, David N Mastronarde, and Grant J Jensen (2013): The challenge of determining handedness in electron tomography and the use of DNA origami gold nanoparticle helices as molecular standards. - J Struct Biol, 183(1), 95 - 98.

in Buffer on TEM Grid
Particle Size 10 nm 10 nm
Packing Unit 30µl 1x TEM Grid
Price 1.150,-€ 550,-€
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