New super-resolution Button DNA-PAINT Starter Kit

Your start into the world of DNA-PAINT.
GATTA-PAINT nanoruler and MASSIVE-AB 1-PLEX kit

DNA-PAINT is a localization based super-resolution imaging technique with several advantages. It offers:

  • Sub-20-nm spatial resolution
  • No photobleaching
  • No photoswitching of dyes necessary
  • Compatible with standard microscopes
  • Easy spectral multiplexing

Step into the world of DNA-PAINT with our starter-kit containing one ready-to-use GATTA-PAINT 80 (R or Y) nanoruler slide and one MASSIVE-AB 1-PLEX labeling kit for 1-color (ATTO 655 or Cy3B) DNA-PAINT measurements in biological cells. Please find further information below.

Collaboration product between GATTAquant and Massive Photonics.

product properties the DNA-PAINT Starter kit

Color red yellow
Available fluorophore ATTO 655 Cy3B
Recommended laser s 625 - 665 nm 530 - 560 nm
Surface density ≈ 1/µm² ≈ 1/µm²
Distance 2x 80 nm 2x 80 nm
Antibody anti-mouse anti-mouse
Antibody anti-rabbit anti-rabbit
Amount 100 µL antibody (recommended dilution 1:200) 100 µL antibody (recommended dilution 1:200)
Buffer sample preparation and imaging sample preparation and imaging
Price 500,-€ 500,-€


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