GATTA-STED Nanoruler

GATTA-STED Nanoruler GATTA-STED Nanoruler

Being the first super-resolution microscopy technique the STED method revolutionized the light microscopy. With the nanorulers from the GATTA-STED series now adequate calibration probes are finally available. The single color nanorulers carry two fluorescent marks out of dense arrangements of the high quantum yield dye ATTO 647N. We offer the mark-to-mark distances in the sizes 50 nm, 70 nm, 90 nm and 120 nm. In addition we offer a new design containing three emitting points with two different fluorophores which allows the acquisition of very eye-catching images. The multicolor nanoruler with three emitting points is available with the size of 140 nm (ATTO 647N & ATTO 594).

On request we can also design special solutions for your specific requirements. All nanoruler samples will be delivered on a sealed glass slide which you can comfortably put directly on your microscope.

GATTA-STED Nanoruler GATTA-STED Nanoruler

product properties of GATTA-STED Nanoruler

Nanoruler STED 120R STED 90R STED 70R STED 50R
Color red red red red
Available fluorophores ATTO 647N ATTO 647N ATTO 647N ATTO 647N
Recommended laser source 630 - 650 nm 630 - 650 nm 630 - 650 nm 630 - 650 nm
Surface density ≈ 1/µm² ≈ 1/µm² ≈ 1/µm² ≈ 1/µm²
Distance 120 nm 90 nm 70 nm 50 nm
Level Beginner Beginner Advanced Advanced
Price 300,-€ 300,-€ 300,-€ 300,-€

product properties of GATTA-STED Multicolor Nanoruler

Nanoruler STED 140ROR
Color red - orange - red
Available fluorophores ATTO 647N - ATTO 594 - ATTO 647N
Recommended laser source 630 - 650 nm / 565 - 610 nm / 630 - 650 nm
Surface density ≈ 1/μm²
Distance red - red: 140 nm / red - orange: 70nm
Level Advanced
Price 350,-€

Beginner: Samples to check the basic functions of your microscope. Easy to resolve, also for beginners in the field of microscopy.

Advanced: Samples to optimize the settings of your microscope. Advanced experience is necessary in order to resolve the nanorulers.

fluorophore properties

Fluorophore Our notation
Excitation / nm
Emission / nm
ATTO 647N R 647 664
ATTO 594 O 594 626
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