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Leica MicrosystemsIt is our pleasure to mention the Leica Microsystems Company as a user example for GATTAquant nanorulers and GATTA-Beads. Multicolor nanorulers of the type GATTA-PAINT 40RG were measured on the Imaging system Leica SR GSD 3D for high resolution 3D microscopy to proof the system’s resolution performance. The result shows that the system resolved the sample in the red as well as in the green channel without any problems. Details are published on the Science Lab portal in the following article:


Nanoruler product-sheetLeica SR GSD 3D: Full size super-resolution Image of GATTA-PAINT 40RG

Furthermore, Leica resolved a GATTA-SIM 140B nanoruler on a Leica TCS SP8 imaging system to demonstrate the systems resolution down to 140 nm. Find Details here or on the following link.



New Type of Fluorescent Beads

For the market launch of the new GATTA-Beads, we published a Science-Lab article together with Leica and SVI. The article shows in combination with state-of the-art STED microscopes such as the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X and high-end image restoration methods available in the Huygens Software, that these new beads can be used for accurate STED PSF characterization in 3D. Details are published on the Science Lab portal in the following article:



New STED measurements

Leica also published measurements using custom GATTA-STED 140RYR samples with two ATTO 647N labeled spots seperated by 140 nm and an Alexa Fluor 568 spot in the middle.

The sample serves as ideal tool for colocalization and alignment of the system and in addition perfectly demonstrates the resolution improvement in using STED compared to classic confocal microscopy. Images were acquired on a Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X system.


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