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Sample drift is still one of the big challenges in super-resolution microscopy. With better and better resolution, lateral drift is becoming more and more of a realistic limiting factor especially using localization-based techniques. Using fiducial markers for post-processing data is therefore an increasingly important matter.
Here we present GATTA-PAINT HiRes which uses a new type of fiducial markers (GATTA-PAINT FMs) showing leveled brightness for single molecule applications combined with no bleaching. GATTA-PAINT FMs are based on the DNA-PAINT technique and are perfect in combination with our GATTA-PAINT nanorulers to get the best out of your microscope.


GATTAnalysis drift-correction
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Our latest software version includes a perfectly adapted drift-correction tool, invented for the use with GATTA-PAINT HiRes. Choose multiple fiducial markers and enable the most precise drift-correction for your data.

Check out our new video tutorial and see how fast and easy the evaluation of your GATTA-PAINT SR data can be. The implemented drift-correction makes your data more precise than ever before.


Your Deal:

  • 30% discount on GATTA-PAINT HiRes
  • Based on GATTA-PAINT nanorulers*
  • Including the fiducial markers GATTA-PAINT FM
  • Plus the GATTAnalysis software including the special drift-correction tool


To get GATTA-PAINT HiRes choose one ready-to-use GATTA-PAINT nanoruler (GATTA-PAINT HiRes 80R, 40R, 20R or GATTA-PAINT 80G, 40G, 20G) and you will get this nanoruler coming along with the GATTA-PAINT FMs for precise drift-correction. Additionally we include our latest GATTAnalysis software update comprising a special tool for drift analysis and correction.

This special 30% discount offer is only valid until April 30, 2016. If you have any questions about us or our products please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

– Your GATTAquant Team

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