GATTA-Cells  GATTA-Cells

The GATTA-Cells series supplies you with high-quality standard cell slides. They are manufactured in close collaboration with the Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis at the University of Zurich. Cell slides of the UZH have proven their outstanding performance by being broadly applied and demonstrated by Leica Microsystems and Olympus Europe.

Ready-to-use GATTA-Cells slides contain fixed and stained huFIB or U2SO cells for fluorescence imaging (for instance for wide field, confocal, SIM, or STED).

Currently we are offering the following version:

GATTA-Cells 4C

  • Multicolor huFIB cells displaying 4 colors
  • Nucleus: DAPI
  • Mitochondria: Tom20 with Alexa Fluor 488
  • Microtubules: α-Tubulin with Alexa Fluor 555
  • Actin: Alexa Fluor 647

GATTA-Cells are embedded in ProLong Diamond and show high photo stability with shelf lifes of at least 6 months (storage at 2-8 °C).

product properties of GATTA-Cells

Type GATTA-Cells 4C
Cell type huFIB
Fluorophores DAPI, Alexa Fluor 488, Alexa Fluor 555, Alexa Fluor 647
Embedding media ProLong Diamond
Labeling Intercalator, TOM20, α-Tubulin, Phalloidin
Level Beginner
Price 250,-€

Beginner: Samples to check the basic functions of your microscope. Easy to resolve, also for beginners in the field of super-resolution microscopy.

Advanced: Samples to optimize the settings of your microscope. Advanced experience is necessary in order to resolve the nanorulers.

Expert: Samples which demand perfectly aligned microscopes and very experienced users which are able to optimize acquisition and data evaluation.

fluorophore properties

 Fluorophore Our notation
Excitation / nm
Emission / nm
Alexa Fluor 647 R 650 665
Alexa Fluor 555 Y 555 580
Alexa Fluor 488 B 488 525
DAPI UV 358 461

Product sheet

Full size super-resolution Images



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