GATTA-Cells 1C

 GATTA-Cells 1C  GATTA-Cells 1C

The GATTA-Cells series supplies you with high-quality standard cell slides.

Ready-to-use GATTA-Cells slides contain fixed and stained U2SO cells for fluorescence imaging (for instance for dSTORM).

Currently we are offering one versions:

GATTA-Cells 1C

  • Singlecolor U2OS Nup96-mEGFP cells
  • Nuclear pore complexes: Anti-GFP with Alexa Fluor 647
  • Recommended for dSTORM applications

For dSTORM applications we recommend powerful laser lightsources

product properties of GATTA-Cells

Type GATTA-Cells 1C
Cell type U2OS Nup96-mEGFP
Fluorophores Alexa Fluor® 647
Embedding media Vectashield
Labeling Anti-GFP
Level Advanced
Price 200,-€

Beginner: Samples to check the basic functions of your microscope. Easy to resolve, also for beginners in the field of super-resolution microscopy.

Advanced: Samples to optimize the settings of your microscope. Advanced experience is necessary in order to resolve the nanorulers.

Expert: Samples which demand perfectly aligned microscopes and very experienced users which are able to optimize acquisition and data evaluation.

fluorophore properties

 Fluorophore Our notation
Excitation / nm
Emission / nm
Alexa Fluor 647 R 650 665

Product sheet

Full size super-resolution Images

Older version of our GATTA-Cells 1C with Alexa Fluor 555

Nanoruler product-sheetFull size TIRFM image of GATTA-Cells 1C AF555

Nanoruler product-sheetFull size dSTORM image of GATTA-Cells 1C AF555

Nanoruler product-sheetFull size STED image of GATTA-Cells 1C AF555

Image Courtesy: Christian Jüngst, CECAD Imaging Facility (huFIB)


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