GATTA-AFM Nanoruler

GATTA-AFM Nanoruler GATTA-AFM Nanoruler

Testing the achievable resolution of atomic force microscopes under realistic conditions is important in order to know the possibilities but also the limits of real applications. With GATTA‑AFM nanorulers, now adequate test samples are finally available. These DNA-based samples are in a well-defined rectangular shape with a size of 70 nm times 90 nm and a height of 2 nm. The GATTA-AFM nanorulers represent accurate and highly parallelized structures and are therefore perfectly suited to optimize and test the resolution of atomic force microscopes.

The samples are shipped in solution. The amount of material is sufficient for at least 10 AFM surfaces, densely packed with DNA‑origami rectangles. The ladder like substructure in the middle of the GATTA-AFM sample shows a line spacing of around 6 nm. Samples are shipped in solution.

On request we can also design special solutions for your specific requirements.

GATTA-AFM (原子力显微镜)
尺寸: ≈ 90 nm x 70 nm x 2 nm
建議 使: Tapping Mode in liquid
梯间距 正中接縫: 6 ± 1 nm
卷: ≥ 120 µl
浓度: ≥ 5 nM

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