GATTA-AFM 3D Nanoruler

GATTA-AFM 3D Nanoruler GATTA-AFM 3D Nanoruler

AFM images can be influenced by the form of the tip. These distortions can be corrected by using our GATTA-AFM 3D nanoruler as a calibration tool with a well-defined and known morphology for blind tip reconstruction.

The design with sharply defined steps of different heights and a height profile well matched for use with a broad range of macromolecular complexes (up to 20 nm).

It combines several characteristics that make it well-suited for blind tip reconstruction:

  • Its designed structure contains flat faces in the x-y direction and sharp edges in the z direction, creating a four-step staircase from 2 to 20 nm.
  • Consisting of DNA, it is fully biocompatible and can be facily deposited on surfaces alongside other biological macromolecules and imaged both dry and in liquid.
  • The above combination of features enables the nanoruler’s application for straightforward AFM image correction for a wide range of 3D nanostructures.

The samples are shipped in solution. The amount of material is sufficient for at least 10 AFM surfaces, densely packed with DNA‑origami structures.


Kolbeck, P. J., Dass, M., Martynenko, I. V, van Dijk-Moes, R. J. A., Brouwer, K. J. H., van Blaaderen, A., Vanderlinden, W., Liedl, T., & Lipfert, J. (2023). DNA Origami Fiducial for Accurate 3D Atomic Force Microscopy ImagingNano Letters

GATTA-AFM 3D nanorulers before and after reconstuction

product properties of GATTA-AFM 3D nanoruler

Step dimension (L×W): ~ 17 nm × 23 nm
Absolute steps height: ~ 2.5 nm, 5 nm, 12.5 nm, 20 nm
Recommended for: Tapping Mode in dry or liquid
Volume: ≥ 120 µL
Concentration: ≥ 5 nM
Price 450,-€

Sketch with the dimernsions of an idividual GATTA-AFM 3D nanoruler.


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