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OxfordIt is our pleasure to mention the lab of Dr. Lothar Schermelleh at the University of Oxford as a reference customer of GATTAquant products. Lothar Schermelleh and his co-workers used our SIM 140YBY nanorulers for their DeltaVision OMX system (GE Healthcare) to generate eye-catching multicolor images. The edge-to-edge-distance of the two rim spots (stained with Alexa Fluor 568, colored red in the following image) is 140 nm, divided by a center spot in the middle labeled with Alexa Fluor 488 (colored green in the following image).


The edge spots are clearly separeted supporting the resolution capapbilities of the SIM system whereas the middle spot demonstrates the linearity and homogeneity of the nanoruler itself. Large field scans allow to check and correct for chromatic abberrations between the different color channels.



We thank the lab of Lothar Schermelleh for imaging the nanorulers and evaluating the data.

Nanoruler product-sheet Full size super-resolution image of GATTA-SIM 140YBY samples


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