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GATTAquant stands for maximum reliability and innovation in the field of super-resolution imaging. more

technology behind our nanoruler

Based on DNA-Origami technique, our Nanoruler makes it easy for users to proof their microscope’s resolution and provides an opportunity to demonstrate the performance of the microscope's in an eye-catching way. more

products for super-resolution Microscopy

GATTAquant nanorulers allow a fast, easy and precise determination of resolution values in any common super-resolution system. more



Super-Resolution Microscopy: Defeat the Drift – Reclaim the Resolution

Sample drift is still one of the big challenges in super-resolution microscopy. With better and [...]



Prof. C. Soeller talks about GATTaquant nanorulers

In the Science Webinar from November 11, 2015 Prof. Christian Soeller from the University of [...]



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