Bruker-JPKIt is our pleasure to mention the JPK BioAFM Business of the Bruker Nano GmbH, former JPK Instruments AG, as a reference customer and collaboration partner. GATTAquant products were applied to evaluate the performance of the JPK NanoWizard AFM system.

Measurements of the GATTA-AFM sample demonstrated the superior resolution of the JPK NanoWizard. The routing of the individual DNA-helices is clearly visible, as shown in the image below:


Furthermore a collaboration between the former JPK Instruments AG, Abberior Instruments and GATTAquant demonstrated correlative measurements by combining STED microscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy. The STEDYCON system from Abberior Instruments was combined with the JPK NanoWizard and GATTAquant STED nanorulers were used as test-samples. The image below shows how this correlative approach could resolve the fluorescent marks on the nanoruler with the STED microscope combined with imaging the underlying DNA-Origami nanostructure via AFM.

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