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Oxford NanoImagingIt is our pleasure to mention Oxford Nanoimaging as a user example for our nanorulers. DNA-PAINT Multicolor nanorulers of the type GATTA-PAINT 40RG and 20RG were measured on the Nanoimager system for super-resolution microscopy.

In the first image below, ONI shows GATTA-PAINT 40RG nanorulers with 3 emitting points, and two fluorophores (red and green) that can bind at each site. The results demonstrate the high mapping accuracy between the two channels in the Nanoimager.

GATTA-PAINT 40RG Nanoruler for super-resolution imaging (ONI Nanoimager)

In the next image below, ONI demonstrates the ability of the Nanoimager to easily obtain 20 nm resolution, by imaging our GATTA-PAINT 20RG nanorulers that are separated by 20 nm. Nanorulers with all three binding sites localized are indicated in gray. (Those with two out of three sites localized are in yellow, caused by no binding at this site during the acquisition period.)

GATTA-PAINT 20RG Nanoruler for super-resolution imaging (ONI Nanoimager)


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