Custom Brightness

Custom Brightness Custom Brightness

The Custom Brightness samples are nanoscopic standardized point light sources for diffraction limited imaging, which can be used as brightness standards to quantify microscope sensitivities and to relate emission intensities to absolute numbers of fluorescent molecules. Therefore each standard carries a defined number of molecules of the fluorescent dye ATTO647N. They are available in the brightness levels 9, 17, 23 and 30, related to the total number of attached dye molecules. Image 2 shows older Brightness standards based on 9, 18 and 24 dyes.

On request we can also design special solutions for your specific requirements.

The samples will be delivered in standard buffer or on glass slide.

product characteristics of Custom Brightness Samples

Brightness 9R Brightness 17R Brightness 23R Brightness 30R
Color red red red red
Fluorophore ATTO 647N ATTO 647N ATTO 647N ATTO 647N
Recommended laser source 630—650 nm 630—650 nm 630—650 nm 630—650 nm
Buffer 0,5 TBE, 11 mM Mg 0,5 TBE, 11 mM Mg 0,5 TBE, 11 mM Mg 0,5 TBE, 11 mM Mg
Number of dyes 9 ± 1 17 ± 2 23 ± 3 30 ± 4
In buffer
On glass-slide
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