GATTAnalysis Software Tool

The software tool GATTAnalysis by GATTAquant provides a fast and easy way to evaluate super-resolution data gained from measurements with DNA-origami based nanorulers. Just by a few clicks origami structures can be detected in the super-resolved image and analyzed concerning to mark-to-mark-distance. The resulted distance values are then presented in a histogram including basic statistical analyzing options or can be exported to a text file.

GATTAnalysis Software Tool Price: 125,-€

GATTAnalysis Software Manual

Nanoruler product-sheetDownload GATTAnalysis software manual

System requirements for GATTAnalysis: Java Runtime (min. Version 7)


Tutorial: Basic functions of GATTAnalysis software

The following video describes the basic functions of our GATTAnalysis software using GATTA-PAINT HiRes Nanoruler with fiducial markers.

Tutorial: How to analyse multicolor nanoruler

The following video describes how to use the GATTAnalysis software for evaluation of multicolor nanoruler samples.


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