Abbelight_Logo_Small_cIt is our pleasure to introduce the abbelight smart kit for dSTORM measurements, applied on our GATTA-STORM nanorulers. The abbelight dSTORM buffer allows a fast and easy buffer preparation for typical dSTORM applications using for instance Alexa Flour 647 or Alexa Fluor 555 dyes.

We used the buffer to measure our GATTA-STORM nanorulers using Alexa Fluor 647 as well as our new version with Alexa Fluor 555. Both versions showed nice single molecule blinking switched by UV backpumping. The buffer shows no background and is therefore suitable for TIRFM and epi fluorescence measurements.

Below you will find an example applying the abbelight smart kit on GATTA-STORM 94R nanorulers. Hundreds of 2-spot structures could be resolved, allowing a quantitative analysis using our GATTAnalysis software. The distance of the nanoruler could be clearly resolved showing a FWHM below 30 nm.


GATTAquant recommends the abbelight smart kit for measuring GATTA-STORM products.

Super-resolution images


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